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TIGA Award WInner 2016:
“Best Educational Game”

The Times Table Adventure is an immersive maths strategy game for children, parents and teachers

Set the stage for math learning success with this delightfully interactive educational app. Kids will have fun learning their maths through a series of interactive times tables mini games.

The Times Table Adventure is an immersive and characterful game experience which will engage even the most difficult to reach children, and make learning maths fun!

With an entire series of adventures to enjoy, what begins as a game will place a child on a path of discovery that will lead to a lifetime of confident learning.

Play mini games to learn maths and receive gold and diamonds as a reward. Rebuild and personalise your village into a powerful fortress Kingdom! Battle Zeta, the evil number cruncher and stop her stealing your hard earned gold.

The game contains a rich and engaging storyline with a series of fully animated videos and a colourful cast of characters.

The game incorporates an adaptive learning system, with questions carefully calibrated to a child's level of understanding. The target age group is 6-13 years with questions tailored to each child's strengths and weaknesses.